Ashes Of Arcadia

Ashes of Arcadia

Shannon Morgan.

Fine handcrafted leather masks and headwear.

Shannon Morgan is an anthropologist seeking to create wearable works of art that can be adapted into the identity of the wearer. Masks are commonly thought of as a way to hide one’s identity, but it is quite the opposite! By putting on a second skin you can communicate to the world what your interests are, thereby showing more of your true self. With a background in graphic design, Shannon draws all of her art digitally and uses a laser to cut and etch the masks. She forms the mask to her face and adds embellishments with dye, paint, feathers, horns, jewels, and more.
“Et in Arcadia ego” is a Greek proverb that translates to “Even in Arcadia, there I am”. There are many interpretations, one of which suggests that the saying suggests the importance of every individual life, and that all who have passed on were once alive and unique, with an individual identity.