Expedia mentions The Riverside Dickens Festival

Expedia mentions The Riverside Dickens Festival in an article promoting 20 top cities to visit during the winter months.

Jodie Booras, the Communication Specialist, sent us this link and when we asked her how she came to hear about the Riverside Dickens Festival, she sent the following:

“I asked our travel writer, Chloe Mulliner how she heard about this event and this was her response:

“Riverside is regarded as one of the warmest cities in the nation during the winter months, so it certainly belonged on our list of snowbird destinations. As a SoCal resident, Riverside is just a stone’s throw away, so we hear a lot about nearby events. Not to mention, A Tale of Two Cities is one of our favorites, so we were excited to learn more about the festival and feature it in our article.” “

See the article here: 20 Best Places For Snowbirds This Winter